Ice Hockey Goalie Camps

Eager for progress? Join our pro, youth and junior camps and clinics in Los Angeles, California or Switzerland. It's intense. It's eye-opening. It's fun.


USA California, Yorba Linda: Summer Training Camp 2020


Switzerland, Zuchwil: The Hockey Camp, 2020

Camps 2020

California, USA:  2020 Summer Training camp

Ice Hockey Goalie Camps in Los Angeles California, led by Reto Schurch, Goalie Action

Target Group:

Goalies born before 2008 

Inquiry about other options for goalies born after 2008 



AAA, AA, A, BB, B 

(on the ice the goalies will be in groups according to their level)


Goal: Working on technique, habits and mental aspects that are crucial for a successful and consistent season.


Duration: 4 days

Date: August 10-13

Time: daily 8am - 4pm

Place: The Rinks, Yorba Linda, California, USA


Coaches on ice: Artt Brey, Corley Lockland, Sean Lincoln, Evan Plotnik and 1-2 demonstration goalie

Coaches off ice: Chris Martin (Mettle Strength and Conditioning)



– Full day camp with 2.5 hours on ice per day, total 10 hours of ice

- Game specific drills to improve technique and get great game habits

- Physical and mental off ice program

– Maximum of 18 goalies, 3 goalies per net

– minimum 2 Shooters at each station

– Classroom sessions, Equipment, Basics and Mental aspect of practice and game

– Snacks included

– Accommodation not included


Price: 615 USD 


Contact Artt Brey directly for camp registration and for any further assistance that may be needed.


Are you a player and would you like some extra practice for free? Join this goalie camp as a shooter. Contact Artt Brey for shooter registration or for any questions regarding becoming a shooter for Goalie Action!

Switzerland, Zuchwil: The Hockey Camp - goalies and Players all levels

The EA Hockey Camp, Zuchwil, Switzerland

The EA Hockey Camp in Switzerland is one of the top goalie and defense camps in Europe. With 2 Stanley Cup winners and other Swiss NHL players it is worldwide probably the only camp where so many of current and retired NHL players work togther to provide a great service to young goalies and players.


Place: Sports Center Zuchwil, Switzerland

Target Group: The Hockey Camp is open for all ages, level and nationalities. There are 4 groups of goalies and 4 groups of defensemen.

Goal: Getting ready for the season


Date: Kids Camp July 11th - 14th 2020 (4 days) 

Date: Elite Camp July 14th - 17th 2019 (4 days) 



– Full day camp with 9 hours on ice, 8 hours off ice, 3 hours of theory

– Maximum of 24 goalies (elite) / 30 goalies (kids)

– Accommodation included

– All meals and drinks included


Coaches Goalies:

David Aebischer, Marc Eichmann, Martin Gerber, Reto Schurch


Coaches Defensemen:

Mark Streit, Roman Josi, Yannik Weber



Year 2009 - 2011 CHF 580.00 (accommodation dormitory)

Year 2007 - 2008 CHF 590.00 (accommodation dormitory)

Year 2006 and older CHF 640.00 (accommodation dormitory)

Prospects U18, U20, NLB, NLA (Midget 18AAA, Junior, College, Pro) CHF 640.00 (accommodation room 2 pers.)

For any inquires about the camp or registration please contact.

Coaching Team

Goalie Action Staff

All members of the staff are an important part for the success of our camps. Our staff consists of experienced on- and off ice coaches, demonstration goalies and helpers to take care of the participants during the whole stay at the camp. 


EA Hockey Camp Staff

With 2 Stanley Cup winners and other Swiss NHL players it is worldwide probably the only camp where so many of current and retired NHL players and pro coaches work together to provide a great service to young goalies and players. 

Camp Video and Documentation

Our Partners

We would like to thank our partners very much for their participation and support!

Testimonials Camps

Ice Hockey Camp Los Angeles, California, led by Reto Schurch, Goalie Action

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„Reto has always helped me analyzing my play in practice and games. He always took his time to work with me to make myself a less predictable goaltender.“

Florence Schelling, Swiss Women's National Team, Linköping HC, Woman's League Sweden



„Hey coach, its Rob, I made the Ducks 16 AAA team and I'm very excited about it. Thank you for all your help. Without you I don't think I could have done it!

Rob Ivy, Junior Goalie Camp Participant



„Jake had an absolute blast at the camp and he learned a lot of new stuff. I really appreciated the one on one time you gave him at the end of the camp about x's and o's. It really helped him mentally.

Dale Summer, Father of Junior Goalie Camp Participant



Brady had a great time and learned more in the 4 days than I think he has all year! The way you teach them with a hands-on approach and really show them how to do it and why seemed to work really well for him!

Megan Christ, Mother of Junior Goalie Camp Participant



Thanks for putting together such a wonderful camp. You guys take such great care of the kids on and off the ice. Cameron really enjoyed it and we've all noticed a big improvement in his goalie skills.

Steve Caresse, Father of Junior Goalie Camp Participant



Ethan had a great time and did indeed have fun but also made it known the camp was a great learning experience. He noted there were also some very difficult workout sessions that pushed him harder than he was used to and that was good!!

Aaron Lahmon, Father of Junior Goalie Camp Participant